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About Skellefteå

The municipality of Skellefteå has a population of 72,000. The European road 4 goes through the centre of Skellefteå. You can reach Norway by taking the "Silver Highway" from here. If you prefer flying to Skellefteå, there are many daily flights to choose from - Stockholm is only one hour away. And there's the train, of course.

Industry and Business life

When the subject of Skellefteå's flora of industries is brought up, the large export companies are usually mentioned. But scratch the surface and you'll see a complex and interesting industrial structure in which the small and middle-sized companies are of great importance. In round figures there are about 350 manufacturing companies.
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Culture and Leisure

Ask someone from Skellefteå what quality of life means. You'll probably hear a description of their own well-being. And confirmation that Skellefteå is a good place to grow in.
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Tourist in Skellefteå

When you think back on your holiday, you want to do it with a smile. Experiences to remember and lazy days in just the right mix. Skellefteå is just the place for these lasting impressions. Reservation: If you like diesel fumes, pickpockets or temple ruins, we recommend you to go somewhere else.
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