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Culture and leisure


Ask someone from Skellefteå what quality of life means. You'll probably hear a description of their own well-being. And confirmation that Skellefteå is a good place to grow in.


The City Library is a full-service library at Viktoriaplatsen in central Skellefteå. A computerised catalogue system makes every booktitle accessible. Books can also be borrowed from rural branches and our bookmobile.

Associations and societies

Skellefteå has many associations and societies, around 1 000. Of the 600 entitled to grants, over 200 are sports clubs and around 100 are cultural societies. Many larger centres are run by the associations, e.g. riding schools and sports arenas.

Sports and exercise

The council has eight swimming baths, three sports halls and around 15 sports arenas (including association-run arenas there are many times this number). In fact we have more ski and running tracks than anywhere else in the country. Many sports clubs are among the national elite.


Skellefteå Museum at Nordanå has been showing exhibits since 1882. The museum's maritime exhibition is in Stackgrönnans Boat Museum and at Bergrum Boliden you can see mining history from varying perspectives (both are summer-open museums). The women's art Museum Anna Nordlander (MAN) has it´s collection in the City Library and the art gallery at Nordanå Culture Centre.

Nordanå Culture Centre

This centre has everything: Museum, several art galleries, a café with a small gift shop, theatre, protected buildings including a village shop, beautiful grounds, bird ponds, playground, inn, etc.


Västerbotten's Theatre has its base in Skellefteå. Productions by The National Theatre and others are arranged by local theatre societies in Skellefteå, Boliden and Burträsk, among others. There are two permanent theatres in the town.

Youth activities

The "E-four" is a meeting place for 16-year-olds and upwards in central Skellefteå with a wide range of activities. Furthermore, there are 14 municipally run youth activity centres spread around the area that provide meaningful activities.

Downhill skiing

There are about 15 centres for downhill skiing around Skellefteå, most are floodlit and serve refreshments.

Vitberget complex

A complete exercise and recreational area in the middle of Skellefteå. There is a network of running and skiing tracks and also ski-slopes and a ski-lodge with a beautiful view. The ice stadium, next door to the tennis hall, includes two ice rinks, a curling rink and an athletics stadium with a climbing wall. Outdoor swimming pool and a camping site of high standard open all year.

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