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Industry and businesslife

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When the subject of Skellefteå's flora of industries is brought up, the large export companies are usually mentioned. But scratch the surface and you'll see a complex and interesting industrial structure in which the small and middle-sized companies are of great importance. In round figures there are about 350 manufacturing companies.


The largest industry in Skellefteå. Mining in the Skellefteå field, and others, provides Rönnskärsverken in Skelleftehamn with concentrate to be processed into various metals, mainly copper and lead. Gold is also processed here.

Terra Mining

A mining company, not at all as large as Boliden, but a public company nevertheless, with a sizeable gold production.


Supplies lifts and machinery to the construction and mining industries world-wide.

Wood industry

Consisting of around 40 companies of which Martinssons in Bygdsiljum is the largest. The Snickericentral and other sales organisations manage the export of wood products from the area. Many successful ventures, e.g. in Germany.

Computers and IT

Skellefteå is a stronghold for the computer industry. Products range from data processing to advanced mobile communications systems. Argentum Consulting, Tieto-Enator, Ericsson AB and Hands are just a few examples of companies.


A number of firms with their own products, e.g. battery chargers and telecommunications.


Hi-tech products, developed co-operatively by several companies. Optronic AB is one of them.
Optronics = a combination of optics and electronics for varying applications.

Skellefteå Kraft

A power company, owned by the local authorities, with operations even far outside our local boundaries. Skellefteå is self-sufficient and can keep power prices low.


Skellefteå campus houses both Luleå University of Technology and University of Umeå, KomVux, and other educational institutions. The centre is supplemented with a number of private companies.

Services Centre

Viktoriaplatsen, in central Skellefteå, is the base for a large number of service companies. Local service is complete with conference centre, hotels, restaurants, central library, etc.

Strength from variety

Skellefteå is an industrial town. But not a typical one, with one or two dominating companies keeping the district alive. The business flora is so complex here - with engineering, mining, timber, IT, optronics, electronics and much, much more - that it is difficult to put a general label on it. We would rather talk about the variety.

Certainly, there are a few large industries stronger than the others, for example Boliden, Skega, Alimak and a few others. And it must be said that the rise of Boliden has been tremendously important for Skellefteå's development.

But thriving around these larger industries are many small and medium sized enterprises that, through original and profitable ideas, succeed in the marketplace - not least on the export market. That there is such a pulsating industry can be explained in many ways. One explanation is the population's character. Historically, the development of the Skellefteå area has been based on entrepreneurship and a will to be independent. Nothing has been done half-heartedly. No-one has expected help from outside.

This mentality is still a driving force in Skellefteå, but today it takes different forms - not just in business.

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Informationen granskades: 2009-05-27