Compulsory school

It is compulsory for all children in Sweden who are between seven and sixteen years of age to attend school. Parents can choose to have their children start school from six years of age. Compulsory schools include a preschool class and years one to nine, as well as education for pupils with intellectual disabilities.

Preschool classes: Children begin preschool classes from the autumn term when they turn six. Preschool classes are free of charge and include up to 20 hours contact time per week.

Compulsory school: Ordinary compulsory school includes years one to nine. Children generally begin the first class when they are around seven years of age, but they can also begin when they are six.

Compulsory schools for pupils with learning disabilities Compulsory schools for pupils with learning disabilities welcome children aged between seven and sixteen. There are four compulsory schools for pupils with learning disabilities in the municipality, but pupils can also remain in their local school and study according to the curriculum for pupils with learning disabilities.

Choosing and changing schools

Pupils are offered places depending on the catchment area where they live. Pupils can choose another school, but if they do so they do not have the right to school transport.

Pupil’s right to leave during the school year

Head teachers can grant pupils up to ten day’s leave during one school year. Leave in addition to these ten days is granted by the area manager.

Opening hours

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