The municipality of Skellefteå

Skellefteå municipality takes care of lots of things that the people who live here need. The municipality ensures that there are preschools, schools, social services and care for the elderly, among other things. Every municipality must provide some such services under law.

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What the municipality has to organise for its inhabitants

The municipality has to organise childcare, preschools, compulsory schools, upper secondary schools and schools for pupils with intellectual disabilities. It must also organise municipal adult education, Swedish tuition for immigrants and social services. The municipality must provide care for the elderly and for people with disabilities.
The municipality must plan for the future of the city and new buildings and make sure that there are enough homes. They must ensure that there is health and environmental protection, that the city is clean and that people can throw their rubbish out.
The municipality are responsible for the emergency services and for ensuring that every home has water and sanitation. Finally, the municipality must have has libraries, where inhabitants can borrow items such as books and newspapers free of charge.

The municipality also do things voluntarily

All of the other things that the municipality does are voluntary. For example, the municipality helps to ensure that there are sports venues, swimming pools, cultural schools, museums and much more. We do this so that everyone who lives in the municipality thrives and feels good.

Who decides in the municipality?

All of the people who live in the municipality should be involved in decisions about things and services that exist where they live. Therefore, the municipality is governed by politicians elected directly by the inhabitants.
General elections are held in Sweden every fourth year. The Swedish people then choose the political party they want to represent them in parliament, in the county council and in the municipal council.
You need to be over 18 and to be registered as a resident in the municipality in order to vote in the municipal elections. Foreign nationals have to have been registered in the country for three years in addition to the other requirements.
The municipality is governed by the municipal council. We choose the members and deputies of the municipal council in the municipal elections. Political assignments are also part of the municipal government and the various committees.

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