Income support

People who can't support their family can apply for income support to make ends meet. Income support was previously called social assistance. On this page you can read more about what social assistance is and how you can apply for social assistance.

Who is entitled to social assistance?

There are limits to how much income you or your household can have to be entitled to benefits. You can get an idea of your chances of obtaining income support by looking at the tables with the benefit amounts. You can compare your household’s income with the benefit amount. If the household’s income is lower than the total benefit amount, you are probably entitled to income support.

Unemployed people must be registered with the Swedish employment service (Arbetsförmedlingen) to be entitled to benefits. People who are ill must present a doctor’s certificate to be entitled to benefits.

I want to apply for income support

How can I apply for income support?
The first time you apply for income support you meet a case worker at the social services office. When you meet the case worker you tell them about your life and financial situation. At the appointment you submit a written application to the case officer. From the information in your application and the additional documents you submit in support of your application, the case officer examines your own and your family’s financial situation, and whether you are entitled to income support or not. During the appointment the case officer can also advise you of other forms of assistance that you may be entitled to.


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