Welcome to the school of culture in Skellefteå

The municipal culture school in Skellefteå has 1.850 students. It is in size top 10 of Sweden’s culture schools. Our ambition is diversity – we want to educate all kinds of students for all kinds of instruments.

The culture school offers lessons in all comprehensive schools throughout the municipality and in the house of music, in the town centre. The music school is non compulsory but recruits pupils from their third year at school (age 9). You can be a student at the culture school as long as upper secondary school (age 18-19).

What is the fee?

From your first term the fee for lessons is 650 kronor (Swedish currency) per started term. If more than one child from the same family takes lessons, you get a family reduction. If you only take part in an orchestra or an ensemble, the fee is 350 kronor per started term.

Some instruments you can borrow from the school. For that you only pay an administrative fee of 300 kronor per term.

How do you apply?

In the 2nd class you can fill in the green application form at the special parent-teacher meeting and hand it to the class teacher. (A parent have to sign it.)

Christer Olofsson is the head of the school of culture.

The culture school of Skellefteå:

  • start 1962
  • employs about 43 teachers
  • has about 1.850 students, and 550 in queue for music lessons
  • proudly presents several string orchestras, wind orchestras, guitar ensembles and choirs
  • the most popular instruments are: guitar, piano and violin
  • popular is also “singing and playing”, where the pupils form ensembles with the instruments available at their compulsory school.


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