Preschool is an educational establishment for children between one and five years of age, whose parents work, study, are on parental leave or are unemployed.

Preschool teachers and nursery nurses are tasked with promoting children's learning based on the objectives and guidelines set out in the preschool curriculum. Preschool is the first step in the Swedish education system.

Preschool should lay the foundation for lifelong learning. It should be safe, fun and educational. Learning should be based on both the interaction between adults and children, and from children learning from each other. The activities should be characterised by care for the individual's well-being, development and learning.

Parents or guardians of children from one year of age can apply for a place at a nursery school or other educational establishment for the necessary time period to cover their work or studies, or the required period for the child because of the family's situation in general.
Parents or guardians who are unemployed or on parental leave to care for another child under the Parental Leave Act can apply for a place at a preschool or other educational establishment for at least three hours per day or fifteen hours per week once their child has turned one.

Children are entitled to a place at universal preschool from the beginning of the autumn term of the year the child turns 3. From the 1st September that same year, universal preschool is free of charge. Universal preschool covers at least 525 hours per year.

Other educational establishments

Pedagogical care is offered in certain catchment areas as an alternative to preschool or leisure-time centres. Pedagogical care is where children are taken care of in the care giver’s own home (known traditionally as family day-care homes). Pedagogical care can also be provided in a special facility. The core values of the preschool curriculum apply to pedagogical care. The preschool curriculum is used as a guide for the establishment. Read more under pedagogical care.

Skellefteå municipality provides places for those with unusual working hours in the three existing preschools in Skellefteå. Parents and guardians who work in the evenings and at night between the hours of 7 pm and 6 am and at weekends can apply for a place for unusual working hours.  Read more about unusual working hours places under Opening times.

Opening hours

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