The Corona virus

Here you can find information about how Skellefteå municipality is working to deal with the spread and effects of the Coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19. We will update this information on a regular basis.

Skellefteå municipality is monitoring developments and analysing how the spread of infection can affect municipal operations. The municipality is taking preventive and preparatory measures based on the recommendations of the responsible authorities, in particular those of the Public Health Authority of Sweden.

The county authorities have joint responsibility and are working in coordination. Skellefteå municipality has established a team comprised of the municipality's management team and the municipal companies' CEOs. The team is led by the municipal director. There is also an operations team headed by the municipal security manager. They will meet several times daily and can act immediately. The Public Health Authority's current assessment is that the risk of the virus spreading in Sweden is very high.

According to the Infection Protection Act, everyone has a duty to protect. This means that a person suspected of carrying an infectious disease is obliged to take measures to reduce the spread of the infection themselves.

If you feel ill with symptoms such as a cold, cough or fever, try not to come into contact with other people. Do not go to work, school or pre-school, even if you only feel slightly ill.

The information audited: 2020-03-19