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Welcome to VUX in Skellefteå!

You can study at VUX (the municipal adult education) from the autumn term, the year that you turn 20 years old, or when you have got your school-leaving certificate from the upper secondary school. It does not cost anything to study at VUX, but you have to buy your own study material. Prioritized persons for these studies are those who have a short prior education or who have a functional disability.

For those who wish to acquire eligibility

VUX is based at Campus in Skellefteå and offers compulsory school courses, upper secondary school courses, SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) and more. The adult education also buys vocational training from other educational organizers.

Adult studies

You have much to choose from, as an adult student in Skellefteå. We have the university, qualified vocational training, municipal adult education as well as folk high school and adult educational associations. Choose what you find most interesting!

It is easy to apply for study allowances

If you are applying for study allowances in Sweden, you can easily do so with the CSN website. The only thing you need is an e-identification. This way you do not risk filling out the forms wrong or missing some line that you need to fill out, and therefore get the application back in return. The website gives you quicker decisions and quicker access to money.

Read more about how to apply electronically at

Do you need help with study question?

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Do you need help with validation of your knowledge?

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