We need teachers – come and teach in beautiful, progressive Skellefteå, in northern Sweden

Skellefteå needs more teachers to help its young people become the best versions of themselves. We can offer you employment for an initial one-year term, in the hope that you will attain a Swedish teacher’s certificate, which will allow you to be employed permanently in Skellefteå.

At the moment we have no ongoing recruitment. We expect to start the next recruitment in the spring.

As a teacher in Skellefteå you will work at the school, in a work team or group with teachers of English, but also with teachers of other subjects. At first, you’ll be pitching in as a resource when needed, but as time progresses you will also be encouraged to take on more individual responsibility.

In order to be able to obtain a permanent position as a teacher, a Swedish teacher's certificate is required by the Swedish National Agency for Education. To acquire the certificate, knowledge of the Swedish language is required, so to provide you with the best possible conditions to apply for Swedish teacher certification, we will tailor your employment terms.

As well as your daily work, you will benefit from continuous education about the teaching profession in Sweden and how Swedish schools operate. At the school you will be able to practice the Swedish language and combine your job with Swedish studies.

You may also need additional training, if the education agency deems it necessary, for your qualifications to comply with Swedish requirements.

No matter which school age your teaching degree qualifies you to work with, you will start at a secondary school.

Here you will be easily understood by students who have already studied English for a few years.

At the end of your first year, we hope you will have enjoyed your stay in Skellefteå and want to stay with us.  We also hope that you will be on track towards Swedish teacher certification and permanent employment with us in Skellefteå.

Practical information about the employment

  • Type of employment: Initial one-year contract on a full-time vacation employment basis (holiday to be taken during student holiday time).
  • Salary: Individual payroll

As a vacation employee, you work during the school year and take holiday when your students take holiday.

The employee's working hours are divided into two parts; regulated working hours (teaching, correcting of tests, skills development, etc.) and unregulated working hours (time that the employee is in charge of).

This means that 35h / week is scheduled time at the workplace and 10h / week is time the employee can plan and perform after-class work away from the school.

Who can be considered for employment?

To apply, you will need a teaching degree as well as a few years’ experience in compulsory school education. You will need a very good knowledge of English (oral and writing).

How do I apply?

In your application, you must attach a diploma/certificate, CV and covering letter. Also, provide two references for us to contact.

One of these referees should be the head / principal of your latest employment and the other someone who can provide an objective picture of your school experience.

What happens next?

When the application deadline expires, we will sort through the candidates and decide who to contact for an interview.

If you are selected, we will arrange a Skype interview with you. If you are not contacted for a Skype interview, we will notify you that we have continued the process with other applicants.

At the interview, you will have the opportunity to ask more specific questions about the positions.

By this stage of the process, you must have submitted references for us to contact after the interview.

They should be notified in advance that we might call or email them.

We will then contact you to let you know whether your application was successful.

If you are offered one of the available positions, you must request two sets of information from the judicial records of the Swedish police.

The first request for information is to discover if you are in the Swedish criminal record system.
(The information and forms are in Swedish)

The second request is for the Swedish police to obtain information from the UK criminal record system. (The information and forms are in Swedish)

When you submit the forms to the authorities, attach a copy of your passport or other ID, since you do not yet have a Swedish social security number.

When you receive the results of your requests, you should post them to us.

In Sweden, it is a requirement for you to show relevant data from the judicial records in order for us, as an employer, to hire you as a teacher.

If everything looks good, we will post two copies of your employment contract to you for signature. You will keep one copy and return the second copy in the supplied envelope.

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